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I had surgery but I am not better. Why?

Frequently the surgeon only addresses one aspect of your overall pain problem. You may have a ruptured disc but you may also have muscle spasm, inflammation, and arthritis. All of these cause pain. The surgeon repairs the disc herniation but you may still have pain from these other sources. That is what you need help with.

I run all the time yet I am constantly injuring my legs. Why is that?

When you exercise a muscle with only one kind of exercise you are only strengthening those muscle fibers which are responsible for that activity. In this case, running fibers. But your leg muscles also have many non-running fibers. For example lifting fibers, climbing fibers, etc. When a runner injures their leg muscles it is almost always there other non-exercised fibers. That is why cross training is so important. You need to improve your cross training to avoid leg injuries.

My hands get numb at night but I do not have a repetitive typing job. What is going on?

The most common cause of nighttime hand numbness is carpal tunnel syndrome. You do not have to have a repetitive job to have carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive activity is the most common but not the only way to get carpel tunnel syndrome. One time trauma like lifting a suitcase or falling can cause injury. You need to get an EMG to confirm the diagnosis and then initiate the proper treatment.

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Specializing in non-surgical treatment of low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel and sports injuries in Rhode Island (RI).

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