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Nerve Pain and Neuralgia

One of the most difficult conditions to treat is nerve pain and/or neuralgia. It is often associated with a pinched nerve or disease that results in deterioration of the nervous system. If left untreated, it will progress until it completely disables you.

Pinched nerves are nerves that have something press down on them. This results in damage to the nerve and subsequent loss of that nerves function. If it was a motor nerve that controls movement, you will feel weakness. If it is a sensory nerve that controls sensation, you will feel burning, tingling, or numbness.

Nerves can be compressed by herniated discs in your spine, a condition known as a radiculopathy. Nerves may also be compressed by trauma or direct blunt force to the nerve. It may be seen as a complication to a fractured extremity. It may involve an entrapment like carpal tunnel syndrome. Systemic diseases like diabetes can affect the nerve as well and cause pain.

Despite the seriousness of the condition, we can still do a lot to help you. While the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) cannot repair itself, injuries to the peripheral nervous system (arms and legs) can repair itself. Almost like a star fish growing a new wing.

Our Customized Solution

There are specific medications designed for nerve pain, entrapments, compressions and neuralgia. Therapy can also be a great help in healing the injury. Electrical stimulation, for example, has been demonstrated to improve nerve regeneration. But it has to be galvanic electrical stimulation. Many centers simply provide TENS stimulators to patients. This does not work well.

Because we are experts in diagnosing and treating nerve pain and neuralgia, we make sure that you have the correct diagnosis and the right treatment for your particular problem.

Specializing in non-surgical treatment of low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel and sports injuries in Rhode Island (RI).

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