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Shoulder Pain

The most complicated joint in the human body is the shoulder. There are seven joints all moving synchronously, each dependent on upon the other.  Any one of them can malfunction or be injured. Our job is to make sure we know what is injured and provide the correct treatment for that particular part of the system. Not all shoulder pain is just the joint socket.

Inside the joint are capsules, ligaments, tendons, articular cartilage surfaces, bursa linings, synovial linings, labrum linings and the notorious rotator cuff. Any one of these can be injured. You can have tendonitis, calcifications, bursitis, torn labrums, torn rotator cuffs, ruptured ligaments and tendons etc.

I had the pleasure of training with Dr. Stanley Hoppenfeld, one of the worlds experts on shoulders.  He taught me the complexity and individual nature of every shoulder injury.

Our Customized Solution

Not every shoulder injury requires surgery. Conservative approaches to the most complicated joint in the human body is often preferable to surgical intervention that opens up a closed sterile joint space and runs the risk of introducing all sorts of bad complications.

The proper therapy to first heal the injury followed by the proper exercise to safely strengthen the joint is critical. Often I find that other centers fail to completely appreciate this basic concept. Therapists skip the healing phase and are immediately given exercise that exacerbates their condition.

For example, many patients never receive ultrasound, massage, or electrical stimulation. Instead they are immediately and incorrectly given isotonic exercises that require the entire shoulder joint to move as you lift a weight. This is referred as “open chain” exercise. It means that all seven of the shoulder joints moves as you lift the weight. But this is often a much too aggressive start for patients, so they fail. Instead, you need to start with “closed chain” exercises. The therapist stabilizes your back and shoulder thereby taking out the painful sub-joints of the shoulder while you exercise the non-painful joints.

Often other centers exercise patients in groups were all different kinds of problems are all being treated with the same exercises. Does that make any sense?  It is a cost saving technique that we refuse to accept. We do not do group therapy here. Every session is one on one. That is why we have such a high rate of success.

Specializing in non-surgical treatment of low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel and sports injuries in Rhode Island (RI).

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